Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Teng Shu-Ming Bio: Reception June 11, 2011 1PM-6PM

Teng Shu-Ming, an American-Chinese-Japanese Artist, has been a cover & featured artist in Ventura Life Styles Magazine and has exhibited her work internationally. She works with Sumi or Sumi-e inks and Chinese watercolors from a traditional foundation dating back thousand of years in China and Japan, but with an auspicious use of color. Over time, Teng Shu-Ming has infused subtle influeces from California landscape watercolorists. She has personally vsiited and photographed the stunning mountain and waterfront vistas represented in her work, which int his echibit spans 1975-2007.

Art is a land of limits defined by pushing, astounding, and trascending. art is also a field of limitlessness, where there is nothing to push, break, or transcend. Where there was newly purchased rice paper, ther is now the Yangtze River scattered with monkeys and morning haze.
You are in the yellow Mountains of China gazing at the mountain range; you do not rest such is the stirring in your heart. these mountains will remain with you, and together you will paint. in no other cultural tradition has landscape played a more important role than for the chinese, for whom natural imagery is a reflection of human beliefs and virtures. It does not have a fixed point like western traditions, but encourages viewers to ramble trough middle and far distances as if wandering mountain paths. Tiny human figures are juxtaposed against towering mountains to reflect humility in the face of natures mysteries.

Artist Bio By Sophia Kidd