Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mierav Haber Bio

Meirav Haber is an LA based artist who specializes in merging the realms of sculpture, painting, and ceramics. Born in Israel with an early life of travel split between Israel, South Africa, and the United States, Meirav has an eclectic culture that undeniably informs her work. Meirav’s recent series of ceramic sculptures, called Mimesis, came to life in 2009 inspired by crumpled metal and trash from the streets of LA. “I was searching for beauty and life in a city full of road kill and trash, and I found it.” Her works transcend realistic depiction and take on a life of their own, with personality, emotion, and psychological states all fused into one. The clay body, paint, and glaze compete for the eye’s attention, and plays back and forth with optical illusions. Ms. Haber graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s in Fine Arts in 2009, and is currently attending Loyola Marymount for a master’s degree in Art Therapy.